It Is Always Something

As the name of the blog implies…. It is always something!!!  This week we were robbed!!  Can you believe it…someone actually came in our home and took our stuff!!  It is so hard for me to comprehend that someone would just steal someone else’s stuff.  Who does this?  Do these people not have parents to teach them right from wrong?  Or maybe they know the difference and simply chose to ignore their conscience. We’re lucky though.  No one was hurt and the house was not damaged.  Although the bad guys took items like the tv and a bunch of tools, they didn’t get the valuables!!!  The valuable stuff in the house is all the memories we have … and the robbers can’t take those from us!!!  Sure, we’ll spend countless hours dealing with insurance, police, and the locksmiths and then hours trying to replace things, but as I started out with, it is always something and we just have to deal with it.