It Is Always Something

Actually, at some point it will most likely happen to all of us. Yesterday we realized someone had used our credit card number to purchase $8,000 worth of eyewear and a tank of gas …. Yes, $8,000 of eye glasses and sun glasses!!! At first you are in disbelief – “How could this possibly happen?”. Then you feel violated “Why did they do this to me?”. First, realize this is happening everyday all over the world and second, it is not directed at you personally. Credit card companies have admitted that thieves are one step ahead of them and security will always be an issue. Once you realize you are totally protected and will not have to pay for transactions you did not authorize your emotions will change to one of simple frustration. If you have had a credit card compromised, call the credit card company immediately and have them issue you a new card number. Now comes the laborious chore of providing anyone who regularly uses that card with the new number. Review your past statements to see if there are any automatic monthly charges like cell phone bills, look for websites that have stored credit card information like amazon, and if you use online bill payment, remember to change the account number there as well. Trust me, it will happen to you at some time. Just be prepared and don’t panic.