It Is Always Something

I find it so incredibly frustrating when technology companies come out with updated software versions. Why can’t anything be easy? This week we migrated to Outlook 2013 (yes – it is 2014!!!). Why? I’m not really sure and although it will be fine in the end – I wish we could go back! Since we migrated from Outlook 2010 to 2013 on Tuesday a whole host of issues arose! First, my phone wouldn’t get the emails properly – that was fixed in about 6 hours but since my phone has become part of my body, not having access to emails for that period of time was massive torture. The phone got fixed but then my home computer needed to be upgraded in order for me to get the mail at my desk. Simple enough right? Wrong! After two attempts by my computer expert (yes Ron) it appeared to be working. Wrong again! Now my phone says I have 36 unread messages (really I have none) and my home email says 24 unread messages (really I have none). I’m not even going to look at my iPad! UGH!!! When technology changes we really need to block off a day or two just to “upgrade” and then fix all the issues. This was not part of the plan for the day – so I guess I’ll have to work around it – but it sure is frustrating!