It Is Always Something

I really don’t know how the people that live in the colder climates of this country do it. Honestly – how do you do it? And better yet – why do you do it? Yes, I’m a native Floridian and am reminded of that every time I go into the colder sections of the country. Here are some of my dilemmas when it’s cold. It is so difficult to get the temperature in the house just right. It’s either too cold and I’m putting clothing on or it’s too warm and I’m taking clothing off. I have acquired the “right” attire but … how many layers of shirts do you put on at one time? Long johns or flannels? You have to wear closed toe shoes and socks are a must — I feel like my feet are choking!!! Add that jacket on top and you are sure to feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy or the Michelin Tire Man. Clothes shopping is a major hassle, not to mention going to the bathroom (hope you aren’t wearing a one piece). Your fingers freeze and hurt when you have to do anything with them (good luck not using them). When I think about it, it’s amazing to me that any babies are born from September thru November in areas that have cold winters. Some will say they like the seasons — me too – we have a winter in Florida for a week or two! Bundle up and stay warm!!!!