It Is Always Something

Now is the time to be getting out of debt.   If you have credit card debt or small loans that are carrying an interest rate above 3%, now is the time to think about paying them off/down.  How?  Many companies are offering credit cards at 0% for 18 months.   That’s almost free money!!!  Almost because you typically will have to pay a 3% advance fee.    Have you looked at your monthly credit card statements to see how much of your payment each month is going towards interest versus reducing the outstanding balance?   Those interest dollars add up quickly.   Think how fast your debt would be reduced if all of your monthly payment went to reduce the balance.   You can pay a lot more off a lot faster!    You have to be careful though.  What you do not want to do is pay down your high interest rate cards with the 0% card and then run up the high interest rate card balances.  If you can be disciplined to put those high rate cards away and not use them, while making your same monthly credit payment, you’ll see your credit card debt decrease much faster.   I know Citi Bank and Discover are both offering these types of cards and you can apply online.  Once approved you simply give them the details of your debt you want paid off.  I recently helped two people do this and they are both seeing the rewards immediately!