It Is Always Something

The common theme lately seems to be – Too much to do and not enough time to do it all. You know why this is? Because we are all spreading ourselves way too thin!!! That doesn’t cause our waist lines to be thin but it may cause our patience to be thin! Why is everyone so busy, busy, busy? Most people I know share the same thought yet we continue to “overfill” our schedules. Then, when something unplanned happens, like a sick child, we lose the momentum and often lose our “good nature”. You know it has happened to you too in the past. How do we fix it? We all know the answer – we just have to start saying “No” …. “No thank you” if you want to be polite. I know, much easier said than done…..especially for those that like to do it all (myself included). First, don’t beat yourself up and get all bent out of shape because things aren’t getting done. Realize you’ve over extended and prioritize what is important at the time. Make time for your family and friends, but if you’ve gone out the past 3 nights, it is ok to stay home one night and do the laundry or pay bills. I’m big on lists so as you make your lists be realistic and don’t set yourself up for failure. Somehow, someway the important stuff always gets done! Most importantly, make time for yourself!