It Is Always Something

It’s a new semester for the college kids and that means big bucks are being spent on textbooks. Getting the right book at the right price requires a little time and effort. If you are willing to put forth some time and effort you might just end up saving some real $$$$’s. Just to give you an example, one of my kids needs an accounting textbook (yes, maybe he will take after me). I looked on Amazon (who historically is pretty cheap) and I could rent the textbook for $79. I compared that to Chegg and found I could rent the book from them for only $40. That’s a 50% savings. But, before I ordered the book I decided to check another site …. The book was only $29.49 to rent from there. That’s a $50 savings on one textbook alone. Yes, the chemistry book was cheapest at as well. You want to know the funny thing in all of this …. the invoice from says the rental service is being provided by Chegg!!! In about 20 minutes I saved some real money. It definitely pays to shop!!!