It Is Always Something

Recently I rented a call while on a mini-vacation. When I originally reserved the car the website asked if I wanted to get airline miles for the rental. Of course I do… I’ll take all I can get, right? Well – be careful what you ask for. When I arrived at the counter the man giving us the car asked if I knew I was being charged for those airline miles.

Really??? You’re charging me for the miles you offered me on your website. If I wanted to buy airline miles I would. No thanks – take them off I replied. Guess what – he did not have the ability to take them off and reverse the charge.

No problem – I’ll just write to the company and have it reversed. Fortunately the company followed up with a survey via email – you bet I let them have it. They are now calling to “tell me what they are going to do” …… I’ll keep you posted. The moral of this post – be careful if you are getting airline miles that you really aren’t paying for them somehow. It’s not worth the purchase price!

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