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Posted by on in Other Stuff
Technology - A Love/Hate Relationship

I find it so incredibly frustrating when technology companies come out with updated software versions. Why can't anything be easy? This week we migrated to Outlook 2013 (yes - it is 2014!!!). Why? I'm not really sure and although it will be fine in the end - I wish we could go back! Since we migrated from Outlook 2010 to 2013 on Tuesday a whole host of issues arose! First, my phone wouldn't get the emails properly - that was fixed in about 6 hours but since my phone has become part of my body, not having access to emails for that period of time was massive torture. The phone got fixed but then my home computer needed to be upgraded in order for me to get the mail at my desk. Simple enough right? Wrong! After two attempts by my computer expert (yes Ron) it appeared to be working. Wrong again! Now my phone says I have 36 unread messages (really I have none) and my home email says 24 unread messages (really I have none). I'm not even going to look at my iPad! UGH!!! When technology changes we really need to block off a day or two just to "upgrade" and then fix all the issues. This was not part of the plan for the day - so I guess I'll have to work around it - but it sure is frustrating!

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Posted by on in Other Stuff
Smile – It IS Contagious

We’ve all heard it before – smiling is contagious. But is it really? This is one experiment I think everyone should try for themselves. I’ve been doing it today and I want you to try it tomorrow. Tomorrow, I want you to walk around with a great BIG SMILE on your face. People will wonder what you are up to because you are smiling so big. Some may ask – some may just smile back at you. If they do ask, tell them you are just trying to make them smile. Guaranteed to work on everyone!!! Not only will the young and old smile back at you, but you will feel good doing this experiment. It is a proven fact that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. So smile and pass it on….:)

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Burrrrrr - Here are Some of my Dilemmas When it's Cold.

I really don't know how the people that live in the colder climates of this country do it. Honestly - how do you do it? And better yet - why do you do it? Yes, I'm a native Floridian and am reminded of that every time I go into the colder sections of the country. Here are some of my dilemmas when it's cold. It is so difficult to get the temperature in the house just right. It's either too cold and I'm putting clothing on or it's too warm and I'm taking clothing off. I have acquired the "right" attire but ... how many layers of shirts do you put on at one time? Long johns or flannels? You have to wear closed toe shoes and socks are a must -- I feel like my feet are choking!!! Add that jacket on top and you are sure to feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy or the Michelin Tire Man. Clothes shopping is a major hassle, not to mention going to the bathroom (hope you aren't wearing a one piece). Your fingers freeze and hurt when you have to do anything with them (good luck not using them). When I think about it, it's amazing to me that any babies are born from September thru November in areas that have cold winters. Some will say they like the seasons -- me too - we have a winter in Florida for a week or two! Bundle up and stay warm!!!!

Tagged in: Come on... Health Stress
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We've been Robbed

As the name of the blog implies.... It is always something!!!  This week we were robbed!!  Can you believe it...someone actually came in our home and took our stuff!!  It is so hard for me to comprehend that someone would just steal someone else's stuff.  Who does this?  Do these people not have parents to teach them right from wrong?  Or maybe they know the difference and simply chose to ignore their conscience. We're lucky though.  No one was hurt and the house was not damaged.  Although the bad guys took items like the tv and a bunch of tools, they didn't get the valuables!!!  The valuable stuff in the house is all the memories we have ... and the robbers can't take those from us!!!  Sure, we'll spend countless hours dealing with insurance, police, and the locksmiths and then hours trying to replace things, but as I started out with, it is always something and we just have to deal with it. 

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Posted by on in Other Stuff
Email management

How many of you made a resolution to “clean up” your email box?   This was one of my resolutions last year and I must tell you – it works!   If your email box has gotten out of control you need to whip it back into shape by unsubscribing to any email that you get from a company you do not buy from.   Once you buy something online you often agree to have your email address shared.  No, you didn’t agree to this?  Well believe me, somewhere along the way you did.  Here’s how you fix it.  Every day you should pick 3 emails that you no longer want to receive and you should go into the email, usually at the bottom, and click the “unsubscribe” button.  This will take anywhere from 10 – 30 seconds to do for each email.  Eventually those companies will remove you from their distribution list and you’ll stop receiving their emails.   It won’t seem like you are making much progress at first but after a few weeks you’ll see a noticeable difference.   Remember – unsubscribe to just 3 emails a day …… you’ll save time in the future and your mailbox will be manageable again!  After a month, send me an email and tell me how it’s worked for you.

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